Our life is full of obstacles it’s not very easy to go through it and achieve your goal.it his always been very difficult to pass through these stages but if we change our views, the burdens we carry now will make us stronger and wiser .many people says when they were going through certain situation the wish they were never put in that circumstances but now when they look back they feel hoe the burdens have make them brave.

Once there was a kingdom ruled by wealthy king. He had a huge boulder. He took that boulder and placed it in the middle of the road. He wanted to see that who will remove the rock and pass through the road and hide nearby. First some richest merchants pass by it they did not moved the rock; however they just walked around it and pass. Few of them also blame the king for not maintain the roads and not a single man try to remove it. Then a peasant came along. He hands were full of vegetables. The peasant keeps all his vegetables aside and pulls the rock. He finally succeeded and walks through it. When he starts waling he saw a purse .He opened the purse which was full of gold coins and a note from a king. The note stated that the purse was a reward in return for moving the boulder from the road.

This story teaches us a lesson that whatever the situation is we should be confident and keep trying our selves.as it says. We firmly trust the story give us a ton which infer the fundamental focuses while we read. Numerous wealthiest merchants couldn’t do anything when they saw a rock on their way, so they simply stroll around. Never the less, peasant could resolve their hindrances on their way. Therefore, they can expel stone and get numerous gold coins. Anyway, we lean toward this sentence, “Each snag introduces a chance to enhance one’s condition.” that mean we never say farewell on the off chance that we can’t do anything we planned. Else, we should urge ourselves endeavor to battle it far from our life.

“Try…try till you succeed

Every obstacle we came across the life is the opportunity to improve our self as we cannot control life but we can control us. we ought to be urged not to be skeptical when snags come in, our way, So be enduring and resolved to get past each issue and know with God have mercy on us will dependably be successful and have treasure sitting tight for us on the opposite side of that deterrent. We ought to be urged to attempt and see the positive qualities in each issue that we go through throughout everyday life and consider them exercises learned. Each snag we run over in life gives us a chance to enhance our conditions, and while the sluggish gripe, the others are making openings through their benevolent hearts, liberality and ability to complete things. Be hopeful and see the great and not the awful. God never guaranteed life would be without issues; however He promised He would be with us and see us through each deterrent. We shouldn’t surrender the impediment or huge inconvenience despite the fact that it is hard for us. One most things, hindrance are the manner in which that influences us to get prevail later on. We can change the world. we can control our attitude toward what happen to us and in that we will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master us.

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